Carbon Farming Podcast

The Carbon Farming Podcast brings you the latest news and insights from the world of agricultural carbon.

On each episode hear from industry experts, farmers, ranchers, carbon buyers and agronomists about the carbon market and farm-based carbon credits in this ad-free podcast. Farmers and ranchers across the United States are increasingly making sustainable practice changes including: transitioning to strip/no-till, adding cover crops, managing nitrogen, and pasture and rangeland management. Now, with the addition of carbon credits, these practices also provide a new revenue stream for farmers and ranchers while helping businesses meet their sustainability goals. 

Listen in, we’re creating a solution that is grounded in soil.

Recent episodes

Interviews A Carbon Farmer
RFD-TV Market Day Report

RFD-TV Market Day Report: Interviews A Carbon Farmer

Learn about Indiana farmer, Brian Miller, and his experience with carbon farming and the Agoro Carbon program so far. Brian farms corn, soy, wheat, hay, and cattle. He did his carbon research, selected a program, then his practices (cover cropping, nitrogen optimization), and has been enhancing his soil health practices…

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Carbon Farming In The Northern U.S. – Challenges & Benefits
Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 8

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 8: Carbon Farming In The Northern U.S. – Challenges & Benefits

In this episode we discuss the challenges and benefits of reducing tillage and adding cover crops in the Northern half of the US. Agronomists John Pullis and Steve Hasselman share their experiences with these sustainable farming practices in the upper Midwest.After working with farmers for years through these practice changes,…

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You Just Signed A Carbon Contact, Now What?
Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 7

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 7: You Just Signed A Carbon Contact, Now What?

Do you know what to expect after signing a carbon contract? In this episode you'll learn what happens after a farmer or rancher signs a carbon contract - plus, how they're supported along the way. If you're contemplating a carbon program, you'll learn about some important questions from the farm…

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Carbon From A Range Agronomist’s View
Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 6

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 6: Carbon From A Range Agronomist’s View

Agoro Carbon promotes carbon sequestration practices on ranches nationwide. In this episode we dive into what conservation practices look like in range and pastureland. Range Agronomist, Brekke Munks grew up in rural Wyoming on an elk refuge surrounded by rangeland and cattle. With a strong background in agronomy and animal health…

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A Carbon Buyers Perspective
Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 5

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 5: A Carbon Buyers Perspective

We are heading up the value chain with Ariel Perez of Hartree Partners to learn the carbon marketplace perspective from one buyer. Hartree Partners is a global energy and commodities firm that provides high-impact, low-cost solutions to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon future and to monetize the potential of that…

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Science Of Soil Carbon
Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 4

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 4: Science Of Soil Carbon

Indiana Agronomist, Caleb Smith, takes us behind the conservation farm practices to talk about the science happening under our feet - in soil carbon. Caleb answers some of the common questions he gets about soil organic matter, soil organic carbon, measuring carbon sequestration and how it relates to soil health.…

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Carbon Farming From A Grower’s Perspective
Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 3

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 3: Carbon Farming From A Grower’s Perspective

In our last episode we talked about how Agoro Carbon Alliance was created to facilitate improvements on the farm/ranch that reduces carbon and sequesters more carbon in the soil. These changes are not only good for soil health and bringing an additional revenue to the farm, but are beneficial to…

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Is Carbon Farming For You?
Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 2

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 2: Is Carbon Farming For You?

We speak with Agoro Carbon Alliance's agronomists to answer some of the most common questions you may have about Carbon Farming.  Mark Worner (Ohio-based) and Travis Kidd (Texas-based) help growers and ranchers understand the benefits and drawbacks of conservation practice changes that can help your land improve soil health and bring in…

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So What’s Carbon Farming?
Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 1

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 1: So What’s Carbon Farming?

At Agoro Carbon Alliance, we're taking action across the global food value chain to grow a permanent, farm-based carbon solution through Farm Carbon Credits and certified climate-smart crops. One question that we hear more often than any other is: so what is carbon farming, anyway? In this introduction of the Carbon…

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Carbon market experts talk additionality premiums

Carbon market experts talk additionality premiums

A pair of our carbon market experts, Todd Carlton and Clay Craighton, say farmers and ranchers should look to capitalize on green practices before implementing them. Regional Sales Manager Todd Carlton tells Brownfield Ag News that ag producers should take their time when looking at carbon programs, but do it…

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