Straight Talk About Carbon – Understanding the Science of Soil Carbon Sequestration

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Straight Talk About Carbon

In this episode, Caleb Smith, Agoro Carbon agronomist, talks with Brownfield Ag News’ Meghan Grebner about the advantages sequestering carbon in the soil brings to farmers. Smith also discussed why cover crops are important for farmers seeking to put carbon back in the ground. Watch to learn more!

Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith
Agronomist, CCA CND
Caleb is a Certified Crop Advisor that grew up in rural East Central Indiana near a town called New Castle. He earned a B.S. in Biology and Botany, and an M.S. in Agronomy. During graduate school at Purdue University, Caleb researched the relationship between soil physical properties and cover crop diversity. He worked for two years at Beck’s Hybrids and specializes in mechanisms of soil carbon sequestration/storage. While the often misunderstood science of agronomy and pedology may have drawn Caleb toward a career in agriculture, ultimately for him it was the people in the industry that made staying worthwhile.
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