How To Successfully Transition To Cover Crops: Advice From An Expert

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Learn about the key decisions a farmer needs to take before transitioning to cover crops, the positives and negatives, as well as advice based on experience from a Nebraska based sales manager.

Keith Byerly
Keith Byerly
Regional Sales Manager, Nebraska, Wyoming & Colorado
Keith has a broad level of expertise with a focus in precision agriculture and soil health. Growing up on various farms inspired his path as an agronomist—working with feed and farrow pigs, feed and cow calf operations, row crops and alfalfa. He earned his B.A. in Agronomy and his professional experience spans twenty years, including roles as Precision Agriculture Department Manager, Soil Health Partnership, and Western US Manager. Keith started as an applicator in agronomy sales, seizing the opportune timing of agriculture’s intersection with technology and data. He spent eighteen years at Central Valley Ag Coop, working alongside a dedicated team to unite Precision Ag data with hardware, and to help growers preserve their bottom line and protect soil and water resources. Nebraska’s 2019 historic flooding redirected Keith’s focus to guide growers and ag advisors into profitability. He helped implement “regenerative agriculture” into their operations, while also working with Ecosystem Markets to secure opportunities and resources for early adopters. Keith is a Certified Crop Advisor with Specialty Service Provider Endorsement, Commercial UAV Pilot, and NR-EMT. He enjoys spending his free time on the family farm, attending his children’s sporting events with his wife of nineteen years, and volunteering in the community as an EMT or as a Youth Shooting Sports instructor for 4-H.
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