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  • How often is soil tested and who pays for it?

    Soil testing will take place a minimum of 3 times to obtain soil organic carbon values during the 10-year contract. A combination of sampling and modeling will be used to determine a baseline. Agoro Carbon Alliance pays for all soil sampling and data acquisition on your farm or ranch.

  • What happens to the data collected?

    Agoro Carbon Alliance takes data privacy seriously. Strict data sharing and privacy protections are in place to ensure your data is never misused. Our full data privacy policy can be found here: https://my.agorocarbon. com/privacy-policy

  • What kind of documentation and data do I need to maintain?

    Documentation of data from the past 3 years of your operation is used to develop a baseline from which future practices will be compared. Cropland data would include tillage, pesticide applications, planting, fertility, irrigation, and harvest, while rangeland and pasture information would include animal husbandry and forage production practices. The farmer or rancher (seller) will need to maintain records of agricultural practices on the covered acres and provide that data to the agronomist or Grower Support Team annually. Historical data will be compared against new practice data to ensure that our program incentives contributed to implementing practice change. During the onboarding process, the Grower Success Team will aid in creating an implementation plan that will help the producer to understand the practice they will be implementing as well as best practices to ensure success for all parties involved.

  • If I have questions throughout the year onpractice implementation or other topics, isthere anyone I will be able to contact?

    You will get a dedicated support agronomist who will help you on any program-related questions throughout the year. Contact us learn about what to expect with practice implementation.

  • How many of the offered practice changes can I implement?

    You can implement the offered practices individually or combine them, meaning that implementing several practices in the same year is possible. We have a checklist that will help walk you through the criteria to decide which you can implement and receive payments from. We will discuss together which of the practices you are qualified to implement. From there, it’s up to you how you choose to implement them.