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  • Am I still able to participate in the Agoro Carbon program if I farm on rented ground?

    The farmer or rancher needs to have a valid interest in the property. This could entail owned or leased rights. You should inform your landowner and attest to Agoro Carbon Alliance that such rights will remain in place for the duration of the program.

  • Can I work directly withthe Agoro Carbon Alliance?

    Yes, working directly with the Agoro Carbon Alliance is possible. We have a team of Carbon Cropping Specialists spread across the U.S. that can help you implement the new practices to ensure a high probability of success. The contract you will sign to enroll and get paid is between Agoro Carbon and yourself, so working directly together to implement a practice change is possible and welcomed.

  • How does Agoro Carbon Alliance’s carbon program work?

    Once you select and implement your conservation practices, Agoro Carbon handles the carbon credit process. We help ensure that the practice changes you make have the most impact on sequestering carbon through our nationwide team of agronomists and carbon experts.

  • How many of the offered practice changes can I implement?

    You can implement the offered practices individually or combine them, meaning that implementing several practices in the same year is possible. We have a checklist that will help walk you through the criteria to decide which you can implement and receive payments from. We will discuss together which of the practices you are qualified to implement. From there, it’s up to you how you choose to implement them.

  • How often is soil tested and who pays for it?

    Soil testing will take place a minimum of 3 times to obtain soil organic carbon values during the 10-year contract. A combination of sampling and modeling will be used to determine a baseline. Agoro Carbon Alliance pays for all soil sampling and data acquisition on your farm or ranch.