Eric Stinson Articles

Agronomist, CCA, Tampa FL

With fifteen years of experience, Eric is an expert in crop management and specialty crop operations. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and has worked on numerous crops throughout the eastern seaboard. His central focus has been integrating biology into agronomic operations—to reduce farm inputs and to improve efficiency and profitability. Despite having grown up on a farm, it was not until Eric began work on local and global farms that he truly appreciated the dedication of a farmer and the pride of their labor. He believes that despite farms differing worldwide, all farmers are stewards of the land and constantly improve through innovation and experimentation. Eric sees agriculture as the intersection of nature and human activity, and that how we manage it dictates the quality of our future. He feels honored to be part of a talented team whose work directly impacts lives and helps lay the foundation for future generations to improve upon.
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