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Choosing change
from the ground up

Agoro Carbon Alliance is taking action across the global food value chain to grow a permanent, farm-based carbon solution through Farm Carbon Credits and climate-smart crops. We’re working to enable all farmers to sequester carbon in their soils and decarbonize their farms while boosting profitability.

Through the Agoro Carbon Program, the Alliance supports farmers around the world to transition to regenerative agriculture by providing financial incentives, agronomic expertise, and best-in-class technology. For businesses, Agoro Carbon provides a scalable solution to reduce emissions in a trustful, transparent and traceable way.

Leveraging deep agronomic knowledge

Backed by Yara’s 115 years of innovation, Agoro Carbon is built upon extensive experience, deep agronomic knowledge, and a reputable brand.

Securing high-quality carbon credits

Farm Carbon Credits are independently audited with established standards ensuring permanent, measurable GHG reductions and removals to support

Collaborating on a global scale

Agoro Carbon is the only carbon alliance pairing an active, global network of open and transparent partnerships with close connections with local farmers to enable permanent, system-wide transformation.

When farms crop carbon, everyone benefits​

New income for farmers

Verified carbon solutions for business

A permanent solution for the planet

Our Mission

Founded in 2021 by Yara International, Agoro Carbon is an alliance of farmers, agronomists, and businesses that believe that the global transformation of agriculture will benefit the planet, the people, and the farmers.

Our presence

To activate the power of farm soil across the planet, and offer opportunities to farmers of all backgrounds, we aim to make a global impact. We have operations in the US, Brazil, Europe, and India – giving us a presence spanning four continents.

Join us!

Farm decarbonization is a complex task, and we know we can’t do it alone. So, if you’re a farmer, co-op, technology leader, lender, insurer, or food company, why not join us? Together, we’ll share the value of something much bigger than we could build on our own.

Meet Our Team

We’re united by our shared vision of a farm-based transition to global decarbonization, a climate-positive food future, and a planet where all life can thrive.

Alex Bell


Anastasia Pavlovic


Mats Roseberg


Iule Arruda




Prithviraj Sen Sharma